For Like Minded Individuals

We are a peer-based group of film and television professionals with a wide range of interests.

From the development and production of all types of film and television – short films, features, music video clips and commercials, through to Internet/Cloud based production management and professional networking solutions.

We are focused on quality outcomes that stem from foundations built by experience.

Our strengths lay in the diversity of our individual specialities carefully blended ensuring a high degree of success in our projects.


 With 17 years experience as a freelancer in the film and television industry Joseph has spent the last ten years working as Production Designer and Art Director. He has developed a deep understanding of the reality behind the processes that go into audio-visual production. Being responsible for the “look” of a production means that he often plays a very integral role in the process.

Starting out by studying both Visual Art and Drama (Cinema Studies) at University he began his career in film and television after a period of time as a successful Visual Artist and Musician/Songwriter. During that time he also worked as an executive in the corporate world as Promotions and Marketing Manager for inner city real estate development firms and in the retail sector.

Joseph was able to draw on that life experience, using his knowledge of visual communication, as he worked his way up through the Art Department quickly gathering skills as he went. As head of department - Production Designer and Art Director - Joseph is asked to contribute to all the productions he works on in a creative and pragmatic way.

He has enjoyed a high level of success in his film and television career. He has collaborated in the making of an extensive list of television commercials, video clips, tv shows and feature films.

As a direct result he has enjoyed a level of professional recognition over the years being nominated for both Production Design and Art Direction awards nationally and internationally.

The greatest of this recognition came with the success of “Jerrycan” (Short Film) winner of the 2008 Cannes Jury Prize and then with “Yardbird” (Short Film) - in competition at the 2012 Cannes film festival. Along with these films there has been a number of other short films (which he calls art films or “films for the love of it.”), television commercials, feature films and music video clips that have also gained invitations to screen at some of the Worlds great film & television festivals such as Berlin, Montreal, Venice, Paris, New York, London, Sydney and Sundance. Read Resume


 After completing a Bachelor in Arts Management from the prestigious West Australian Academy of Performing Arts Naomi has gone on to enjoy an extremely successful 18 year career in film and television production. She has an extensive and detailed understanding of the production process and is often called upon to mentor and guide others through the process of “getting a story up.”

Starting her career early in her working life she quickly found herself taking on responsibilities in Production and soon rose to Production Manager on several successful productions in film and television.

In her time as Production manager she has worked for major United States production companies such as Paramount Pictures and Fox Studios and gained much experience in international co-production funding arrangements.

Later in her career she has been called on to be Producer and Line Producer on films such as “Hawke” (awarded AFI Best Telemovie 2010) for major local television networks and “Oddball” an exciting¬ soon to be released major Australian feature film.

Although Naomi has concentrated her efforts in drama production she has also worked as a Producer in commercial advertising, on music video clips - working with people such as Natasha Pincus (Director – “Somebody that I used to know” Gotye) and as a Production Manager on international events such as the Commonwealth Games.

Lately - apart from project budget assessment work that she carries out from time to time with the local governmental funding bodies (Screen Australia and Film Victoria) she has worked on international productions with companies such as Fremantle Media and ITV Granada. Read Resume




The Internet is creating greater work flexibility but with greater expectation. The world is turning to the World Wide Web as its primary source for communication, information, trading, transaction, organisation and coordination.

The audio-visual production industry is also demanding more from this important information dissemination tool. is a cloud based software application accessible from any internet connected device. It is a technologically advanced professional networking and production management solution built to promote individuals and businesses to the industry by enabling industry participants to build a more professional online presence, equipping them with the tools they need to manage their bookings, upgrade and update their professional public profile as well as providing a platform to display and promote their past work.

It also provides a comprehensive range of project collaboration and production management tools enabling Producers, Production Managers, heads of department and department coordinators to efficiently and effectively communicate, collaborate and coordinate resources online. combines features and functionality that enable employers to source, book and manage cast, crew, suppliers and services online, with the industry workers need to effectively promote themselves to those employers. will satisfy an increasing industry demand for an efficient, effective and technological advanced online professional networking and production management solution.

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