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Like Minded Individuals Productions is an agile audio-visual production company and creative agency situated in Melbourne, Australia.

Our expertise is in concept development, production management and international and domestic facilitation of all types of film and television projects – tv shows, short films, features films, online content, music video clips and commercials, through to the development of industrial software applications.

We are owned, managed and staffed by creative, collaborative & experienced film and television professionals with a diverse range of interests.

Not all our work is presented under the LMI banner. Our team works both in-house and as highly sought after contract professionals for other production houses.

We pride ourselves in being a lean and agile machine that knows how and when to scale. LMI can simultaneously manage a number of small and large projects. As is the industry trend, we draw upon our long established and ever growing network of professional artists and managers (freelancers) to resource our projects - based on the particular needs of each project.

LMI achieves effective quality outcomes that stem from foundations built of experience. Our strength resides in the diversity of our individual specialities carefully blended to ensure success in all the projects we are involved in.

Please feel free to view examples of our work by clicking on the links opposite. There are also a number of other pieces that we have worked on that are currently under privacy settings on our Vimeo page. These pieces are under license. Please contact us for further information or for access to these works.


 Naomi is widely regarded as the captain of the LMI ship. She is called upon to conceive of new concepts, analyse projects and scripts (to understand the feasibility of a project within a budget), create working budgets, liaise with government departments, establish financing plans, contract personnel and manage productions from development through to delivery.

Naomi’s role as Producer and Production Manager at LMI is to leverage her extensive expertise in commercial film production to develop and produce content for distribution online, in theatres (cinemas) and through broadcasters.

After completing a Bachelor in Arts Management from the prestigious West Australian Academy of Performing Arts Naomi has gone on to an extremely successful 20 Year career in film and television production.

She has an extensive and detailed understanding of the production process and is often called upon to mentor and guide younger people through the process of “getting a story up.”

Starting her career early in her working life she quickly found herself taking on responsibilities in Production and soon rose to Production Manager on several successful productions in film and television.

In her time as Production manager she has worked for major United States production companies such as Paramount Pictures and Fox Studios and gained much experience in international co-production funding arrangements.

Later in her career she has risen to Producer and Line Producer on films such as “Hawke” (awarded AFI Best Telemovie 2010) for major local television networks. She has also been a Producer on smash hit movies like Oddball (2015).

Apart from project budget assessment work that she carries out from time to time with the Australian Government funding bodies she has recently been working on international projects with production companies such as Fremantle Media and ITV Granada.

Recently Naomi (through the LMI banner) has enjoyed a role as Producer on an AUD $22 million official Chinese-Australian Co-Production - “The Longest Shot”, to be released in 2018 throughout China and other territories. This required Naomi to work closely with a large Chinese production company, managing the day-to-day running of the production. As part of her role she was required to manage the Australian portion of the production including staffing, contracting, licensing, managing the relationship between Screen Australia, Film Victoria, the production company and the Chinese Government. As a direct result of her experience on that production she was an invited as a special guest of the International Chinese Film Festival and Awards Ceremony in Brisbane (2017) and was a special guest speaker at the official Chinese Australian Co-Production Forum and Conference in Wuhan China in 2017.

Naomi is currently working as an integral part of the producing team on an Australian feature film “Ride Like a Girl” (The Michelle Payne Story). Being directed by renowned Australian actor Rachel Griffiths.

Although Naomi has concentrated her efforts in drama production she has also worked as a Producer in commercial advertising, on music video clips - working with people such as Natasha Pincus (Director – “Somebody that I used to know” – Gotye. With 1,016,583,692 views) and as a Production Manager on international events such as the Melbourne Commonwealth Games.

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 With over 20 years experience as a hard working professional in the film and television industry, Joseph has spent the last 15 years working as head of department – Producer, Production Designer and Art Director. Over this time he has developed a deep understanding of the complex process that goes into effective and compelling quality audio-visual production.

Joseph’s role at LMI is to leverage his creative and commercial expertise, to develop new content concepts and deliver sound business rationale for their production and deployment.

“Film is an audio-visual art form used to deliver a message. It is a complex artistic process achieved through teamwork. It requires highly tuned creative and managerial skills.

To successfully deliver a message requires the filmmaker to identify their true goal, understand their audience, refine the core message and then apply their deep understanding of the established visual and written communication language.” - Joseph Kiely 2017

Joseph studied both Visual Art and Drama (Cinema Studies) at University. He began his career in film and television after a time in the corporate world as Promotions and Marketing Manager in inner city real estate development. He has also spent some years in tourism, hospitality, manufacturing and retail.

Returning to his first love, Art, he quickly worked his way up through the Art Department gathering necessary resource management and budgeting skills as he went.

Joseph has enjoyed a high level of success over his career. Collaborating on the making of an extensive list of well-known television commercials, video clips, tv shows and films.

He has enjoyed respect and recognition over the years, being nominated for both Production Design and Art Direction awards nationally and internationally.

Joseph was an integral team player on the production of “Jerrycan” (Short Film) winner of the 2008 Cannes Jury Prize and then with “Yardbird” (Short Film) - in competition at the 2010 Cannes film festival. Along with these films there has been a number of additional films (which he calls art films or “films for the love of Art.”) that have also gained invitation to the Worlds greatest film festivals, such as Berlin, Montreal, Paris, New York, London, Sydney and Sundance.

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An exciting upcoming feature length documentary on the dating of the Kimberley Rock Art.

“Stories in Stone” is a film about the scientific dating project of what could prove to be the oldest rock art sites on the globe. Tests are currently being undertaken to preserve and to discover the age of the art. But it is more than that - this film will be about the people who hold the knowledge of the rock art and its deeper spiritual meanings, its record of human beings and their observations and movement across the changing northern landscapes. The changing lore & law, of social upheavals in the early tribes, of reverence for nature and its importance to a balanced relationship based on reciprocity from human to nature and back again


ONLINE CONTENT - LMI has identified a number of opportunities in the Online Content space. We are currently working on the development of content for the Chinese consumer. We believe there are enormous opportunities for suppliers and services in a burgeoning middle class Chinese market. The sectors we have identifies include; tourism, food and wine and real estate.

TV SHOWS – LMI has been in talks with broadcasters and production companies to develop a series for the Asian market. As soon as we have concluded negotiations we will be able to update you on our new website.

FEATURE FILMS - LMI is also continuing its foray into feature film production. We have identified a number of stories that suit development into major international feature films. At the moment we cannot put a name to those stories as we are still in development – watch this space.


The Internet is creating greater flexibility but with greater expectation. The world has turned to the WWW. as its first port of call for information, trading, transaction, organisation and coordination. The audio-visual production industry is demanding more from this important business tool.

filmandtvnetwork.com is a cloud computing concept built to promote individuals and businesses to the industry. It also provides a comprehensive range of project collaboration and production management tools.

It enables industry participants to build a more professional online presence and equips them with the tools to manage their bookings, their outward public profile as well as giving them a platform to display and promote their work.

By combining the need for Production to source, book and manage cast, crew, suppliers and services online, with the industry participants need to promote themselves to the production team, we will be satisfying an increasing demand the industry has for an efficient, effective and exciting new platform solution.

LMI is currently seeking a business partner to help them launch this exciting new application. Please contact us for more details.

Joseph Kiely

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Naomi Cleaver
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